• The Hohenzollern Bridge is a bridge crossing the stream Rhine in the German city of Cologne. It crosses the Rhine at kilometer 688.5. Initially, the bridge was both a railroad and street bridge. Be that as it may, after its devastation in 1945 and its consequent remaking, it was just open to rail and person on foot traffic. 


    It is the most intensely utilized railroad bridge in Germany with in excess of 1,200 trains day by day, interfacing the Köln Hauptbahnhof and Koln Messe/Deutz stations. 


    The bridge was built somewhere in the range of 1907 and 1911 after the old bridge, the Cathedral Bridge (Dombrücke), was obliterated. The Cathedral Bridge was not able handle the expanding traffic in Cologne.[citation needed] The new bridge was named after the House of Hohenzollern, the leaders of Prussia and German Emperors. At the time, Cologne was a piece of the Prussian Rhine Province.

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     Arch bridge in Cologne, Germany


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